The city of tomorrow is certainly a smart city based on innovation in terms of high value-added services. The technologies used will provide users with a rich catalogue of services in a wide variety of fields, including access to knowledge, transport, building, energy, health, etc.

Information and communication technologies are indeed an essential component of the city of tomorrow. This city where infrastructure, buildings, vehicles and citizens will be permanently connected and considered as uninterrupted sources of a very high volume of data (big data). Once contextualized and processed, these data will allow the design, development and provision of useful services with a high guarantee level.

Researchers in information technologies organize a unifying and structuring action for scientific exchange. It aims to strengthen links between researchers, industry and local authorities. The International Workshop on Information Technology and Communication (IWITC) comes within this perspective. Its scientific field extends from information, signal and communication, to governance and management strategies and approaches. High-level speakers are invited and special sessions focusing on various important topics are planned (AI, IoT, 5G, Big Data, etc.), along with round tables that will discuss the future of AI for the smart city.

After the success of the second edition organized at Gustave Eiffel University in July 2019, the Cadi Ayad University SST team, FTS Mohammedia RTM team, and e-Cost (Enhanced Communication devices for Smart cities and Transports) - Gustave Eiffel University organize the third edition of IWITC.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Marrakesh in July 2021!